Autumn Has Arrived!

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Yes indeed!  The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling and there’s that hint of pumpkin spice in the air.

As a human, I love the fall!  I can finally wear my hoodies and snuggle up with a blanket again.  I can drink warm cider and daydream about turkey with all the fixin’s! Yum!

As a lash artist, I find Autumn to be tough.  It’s that time of year that even clients with the best retention find themselves losing lashes quickly.  In past years, this has led to some dramatic confrontations with clients, for lash artists around the globe.

Let’s talk about why this happens, instead.

Fall Shed is a normal process that every person goes through.

We are mammals.  Just like every mammal on the planet, we have certain biological imperatives that we can’t avoid.  One of those is shedding our “coat” in preparation for winter.  For us humans, we notice it most in our scalp hair.  Those handfuls of strands as you rinse out your conditioner can be a little alarming, I know.  The good news is, all your new growth is just a little bit thicker. It is just a little bit stronger than your summer locks.

What’s important for me, is that you understand that your lashes go through this same process!  Not every client has a dramatic shedding cycle at this time, but we all go through it to some extent.  It’s OKAY!  Your natural lashes are not only going to come back just as before, they’re going to have a longer life cycle throughout the fall and winter!

Minimizing the dismay of extra loss

  1. The fall shedding season is different for everyone and is conditional on your lifestyle.  For most people, it’s approximately 4-6weeks long. 
  2. There is no way for your lash artist to determine When your shedding cycle may kick into overdrive. As you start to notice extra loss, tell your lash artist.  Making your artist aware before your next fill gives them time to prepare for additional attention to your lash line.
  3. Be aware of seasonal allergies that might contribute to poor retention.  There is going to be a ton of leaf dust and pollen in the air for the next few weeks. Teary eyes and eye rubbing contribute to faster lash loss. Washing your extensions each night is especially important during seasonal changes, to remove any irritants that may be clinging to your lashes.
  4. Medications affect retention.  Those allergy pills, that cough medicine, even that immune system booster you start taking to prevent a cold all change your body chemistry.  This can change the texture, oil production or hydration level of your skin and hair follicles, too. All of these can affect your lash extension retention.
  5. Consider asking your lash artist to give you a lighter, shorter fills when shedding starts.  Your natural lashes are going to be a little shorter during this cycle.  Reducing the weight on each natural lash will allow it more time before detaching from the hair follicle. 
  6. Be Patient!  It’s not going to be forever.  You’re going to be back to your normal sets in just a few short weeks. 

Be Kind, we are doing all we can!

Lash artists can’t fight biology. The Autumn and Spring shedding seasons are rough on lash artists because we know how much you love your lashes.  Please understand that we will do everything we can to maintain the health and fluffy joy of your lash extensions, but we are not wizards, Harriet.  We cannot speed up the process.  We won’t put unhealthy lengths or fan sizes on your struggling naturals.  We don’t want to cause damage to your natural lashes during this transitional time.  As soon as we can go back to our normal routines on your lash lines, you will be the first to know!

Have you experienced the fall shedding season yet?  Have questions about your first shedding season?

Give a shout out below, email or reach out on social media below!  I’d love to hear from you!

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MJ Stanley

MJ Stanley

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