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When to start washing your lashes

Lash extensions and lash baths have a sordid history, especially when it comes to washing them.  There are still some artists out there who recommend their clients wait 24-48hrs before washing their lashes.  Not only is this unnecessary, it’s unhygenic and can potentially cause issues for you, as a client.

Today’s modern adhesives don’t require a “wait to wet” and to be honest, they didn’t in the not so distant past, either.  Many of the “rules” of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives previously taken as gospel for lash extensions were derived from the processes involved in manufacturing with industrial grade CA in large quantities. It wasn’t their fault.  That was the only information readily available until the widespread popularity of lash extensions made study outside the medical field relevant.  Once the beauty industry chemists started weighing in on our industry use of CA for lash extensions, we had a more thorough grasp of what we should be telling our clients about our products.


Modern lash extension adhesives are formulated with beauty or medical grade CA.  The same grade of CA used as liquid sutures to seal wounds in the medical field. Lash artists also use tiny, tiny amounts of adhesive per natural lash.  Dip a straight pin in a thick liquid.  That’s the amount we’re talking about.

Lash adhesive is a resin.  Adhesive cures, it does not dry. Adhesive also requires moisture to cure fully.  Keeping your lashes too dry will actually prolong the curing process.

The outer surface of the adhesive is cured within 10min of application.  Full curing is usually completed within 4hrs of application.  So why wait?  There really isn’t a good reason.

I encourage all of my clients to start washing their lashes the evening of their lash appointment and daily thereafter.  For makeup lovers or those with high intensity daily lives, twice daily is recommended.

Enjoy your lashes every day! Keep them clean and keep them healthy.

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MJ Stanley

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