Choosing a great lash artist

choosing a great lash artist

Choosing a great lash artist can be the most important decision about lash extensions.  Here in Kelowna, we are lucky to have some amazing local artists. However, not every artist is the right fit for every client.

Today I’m posting about a few things to look for in a lash artist.


Here in BC, we are not required to have professional beauty/cosmetology licensing to offer lash extensions.  That does not mean that your lash artist can’t be properly trained in both technique and safety. Here are a few questions to ask your prospective lash artist.  Every lash artist should be able to answer these basic questions.

  1. Are you certified?  
  2. Is your establishment Interior Health approved?
  3. Are you insured?

All lash artist should be able to tell you if they are certified and show you their certifications for the different styles (classic, volume, mega volume) that they offer.BC Interior Health logo

All licensed salon and spa businesses in Kelowna are required to have health inspections to assure that they are compliant with Health Canada standards. They must also show proof of commercial insurance to receive their business license. All licensed businesses are required to have their business license posted for patrons and inspectors to easily view.


One thing that you, as a client, should be aware of is whether or not an artist styles for your eyes or just applies lashes. No one set of extensions is right for everybody.

When viewing an artist’s work, look at how well the styles suit the eyes that are wearing them.  True style queens will create a bespoke look that enhances the eye shape and the client’s desired flair.SinfulStyleQueens


Thorough consultations to map properly and give you the styling you want is important. You should be welcome to provide images of previous set you’ve had or inspiration pictures you found online to your artist.  That artist should be able to tell you if they are able to duplicate the work.


Lash extension products come in a range of quality and consistency.  Just like hair care, professional lash products are for professional use and are of better quality than you can find over the counter.  Your lash artist should be proud of the products they use.  They should also be willing to share product information with you, upon request.

Here at Studio 202, I love the Sinful Lashes© brand for everything from adhesive to lash baths and eyeliner.   

Talk to other lash wearers!

One of the best ways to find a great artist is to ask around! If you love a set of lashes, ask who did them! Most lash lovers will be happy to share info. Whether it’s your bestie, your waitress or your delivery driver; if they have fabulous lashes, ask her about them.

A few relevant questions:

  1. How long are your fill appointments?
  2. Do they hurt?
  3. How well do they last?

All of the above questions are worth asking before booking with a new artist.  

Does the artist work in a timeframe that fits your schedule?  That’s something you need to know! Do they offer options on timing?

Lash extensions should never hurt! poor lash application Poor application technique is the most common cause of pain associated with lash extensions. If your bestie has issues, that may not be the best artist for you.

This image is a client who came to me for a fill, with work from a previous artist.  It broke my heart to hear how much pain she was in, due to poor isolation and too much adhesive.  Your lash extensions should never look like this image.

Great retention comes from solid application, correct sizing for each person’s natural lashes and diligent aftercare.  Please keep that last one in mind when talking about lash fall out. If ta client isn’t caring for their investment, it won’t last.  

Experience vs Skill

Every lash artist starts somewhere.  Please don’t be afraid to ask how long an artist has been lashing. If you know that your natural eyelashes curly-que all over the place, you may need a more experienced artist. 

However, don’t dismiss a talented artist just because they’re new.  We have some amazing newer artists !  Their sets may take a little more time to complete, but their application and styling is flawless. Don’t be afraid to give them a chance.


Every lash appointment should be something you look forward to! Not only should you get a fabulous set of lashes, you should enjoy being with your lash artist for the time it takes to complete your appointment.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your prospective artist before your appointment and during your consultation.  You spend a lot of time with this person, a couple times a month. Knowing that your personalities compliment each other is much less stressful, on both sides. 

“If you like the person doing the work,

you’re more inclined to like the work they do.”

It may sound silly, but it’s true.  When we get a bad vibe off someone, they could do the best work in the world, but we’re less likely to approve of anything they do.  Every lash artist has their own personality and style.  Find the artists that you love to be around.

I hope this helps you find your perfect lash artist.  If you have questions, please feel free to comment, reach out on social media or email below.

For lash appointments at Studio 202, you can check my availability here.

To become a Sinful Lashes Certified Lash Artist, please visit Studio 202 Academy for course information and dates.

MJ Stanley

MJ Stanley

Owner of Studio 202 Esthetics & Studio 202 Lash Academy

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