Summer Is Here!


Summer is here!

It’s time to think about how the heat and summer fun can affect your lash extensions.

Let’s start with a lot of peoples’ favorite summer activities.

Water –

Whether it’s salt water, the pool, hot tub or lake, all bodies of water have minerals and chemicals that can affect your lash retention.

Salt and Chlorine are both corrosive, for example.  If you don’t rinse your lashes after some time in the water, you may notice extra lash loss between fills.

footprintEven hanging out by the pool or sunning on the beach can accumulate tiny particles from the moisture in the air.  

So don’t forget to give those lashes a rinse with fresh water once in a while and make sure you’re using your Sinful Lashes One and Done cleanser at night.

BBQ Grilling and Bonfires –

I love a thick, juicy fresh grilled burger!  But I’ve learned to keep my distance when wearing my lash extensions.  The extreme high heat, close to an open flame and literally melt your lash extensions. bbq 

At least once a year, I’m removing and applying a fresh set for someone who got too close.  Don’t let that be You, this year.

Chillin in the Sun –

You know my esthetician soul can’t remind you enough about wearing your SPF when your’re going to be outdoors at any time of year. Winter and summer are the two biggest sun exposure culprits for skin cancer, afterall.  But there’s also the special consideration of what type of sunscreen you use around your lash extensions.

A liquid sunscreen or tanning lotion may feel fabulous, but it likely contains ingredients that can degrade lash adhesive.  Even oil free products can contain silicone that can coat your lashes.  This can cause closing up of fans and even a tough time at fills because adhesive won’t bond to silicone.tanning

One of my favorite SPFs is Eminence Sun Defense powder.  It comes in several shades and never feels greasy or cakey.  And its handy applicator brush is easy to toss into any purse or backpack for reapplication throughout the day.

Again, no matter what, make sure you’re washing those lashes well, every night.

Summer sports –

I love my summer sports.  Disc golf, golf golf, waterskiing, and volleyball all come to mind.  The thing to remember is that being out and active  in the summer heat affects our biology. Increased sebum production (natural oils on the skin) to protect us from the harsh sun, increased sweating to keep us cool and increased metabolism changing our hair growth cycles can all contribute to decreased retention without compensating with increased care!

As always, Aftercare is Everything!

If you find yourself feeling much more oily in the summer, you may want to step up your cleansing routine to morning and evening.  And don’t forget those rinses, throughout the day!  A simple rinse of the lashes can remove salt build up from sweat to keep you going until you’re home to cleanse.Lash Bath

That increased metabolism might also mean that you need to book a few extra appointments during the summer.  That’s okay!  I’ve gotcha covered.  If you need to adjust your schedule from 3 weeks, to 2, for a couple of months, I’m happy to see you more often!  Just click the Book Now button to schedule anytime, or click the link on your email or texts from me, to go directly to your scheduled appointments to make adjustments.

Enjoy your summer lashes as much as you do in the winter!  

See you soon! If you have questions, please feel free to comment, reach out on social media or email below.

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MJ Stanley

MJ Stanley

Owner of Studio 202 Esthetics & Studio 202 Lash Academy

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